Wild Within Me

I once took pleasure in the flesh,
Debased God given form,
Not caring what or who I used,
Railed hard against the norm.
Kith and kin despaired aloud,
Showing me their pity,
But I’d respond with knowing grin,
Blame the wild within me.

Through night and shadows I did play,
In dens of lust and sin,
Not often did I see the dawn,
To watch the day begin.
I craved the all enclosing dark,
To let my pleasures free,
Not wanting and not needing to,
Tame the wild within me.

In ev’ry life there comes a change,
A time to close some doors,
No longer running with the dark,
Decadent never more.
So though it comes at such a cost,
With dreams of what might be,
The time has come to to turn away,
Bury the wild within me.


Secret Shame

My anonymous friend has sent me another poem they wish to put out to the world. You can tell by the subject matter, this is an extremely personal one, and they are very brave in being so honest in their words. I hope you like this one, and again, please offer all encouragements that you would for my work. Thank you.

My secret is your secret
I secrete at your obvious pleasure
The eyes from the moon watching us
In the woods at our limited leisure
Waiting for me to arrive in our private little love den
Nervously looking childish until you welcome me in
An awkward gap between us just a pigeon step away
I throw myself at you and so begins our play
Hands searching for places forbidden by society’s law
Lips sucking at naked skin, biting until sore
The flames born from Hell start scrabbling at our feet
Too distracted to stamp them out – into me you retreat
Flickering further and further heat rises from the lust
Avoiding getting burnt we move positions to adjust
Grasping scalding skin we hold on as if we’re dying
The only Being breathing for life is the Angel inside me crying
Your hand gripping my hair, another wrapped around my throat
Oxygen restricted as I begin to gently float
In a liquid of ecstasy and energy higher and higher I swiftly rise
The goodness that was once in me slowly begins its demise
Pressed together in luscious glue of sweat and dirty sin
We enter an immoral world of self indulgence from within
Bodies entwined like creeping ivy poisoning the mind
Eyes locked into each other’s selfish souls spellbound and love blind
Completely oblivious to the sounds and smells of the reality in which we lie
Almost at the pinnacle awaiting the orgasmic high
A simultaneous head rush dizzy from the height
We hold each other’s gazes in the coldness of the night
What felt like hours of our precious time has now melted away
And so we creep out with heads of shame and go out separate lost ways.


I can’t say for sure where this came from, but it may help to know I was thinking of Hunter S. Thompson and his book “Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas” when this came to me…

A carnival of frolicking freaks
A party of perversion,
The night that rings with ecstasy
And speaks to all subversion.
The devilled masks that hide the grins
The cloaks that hide the grasping,
All shown in light from candles red
That flutter with their gasping.
A scent of musk and sweet perfume
A taste of sweat on skin,
To touch and feel with covered eyes
And drink the milk of sin.
The music of a countless moan
The sounds of pleasures pleading,
Such symphony to speak of lust
And fantasies of pleasing.
A night that’s rich with hot desire
A time for taking pleasure,
To hell with all may come at dawn
Let greed and want take measure.
Oh take me to this wicked den
Where bodies are the masters,
And leave me be in decadence
To stay there ever after.

A Taste Of Passion – Part 4

One of the things he loved to do for a woman was to pleasure her with his mouth and fingers. And looking at this gorgeous body lying in front of him, he knew what he wanted to do more than anything at that moment. Gently but firmly gripping her hips, he slid her down the bed a little, so that her buttocks were on the very edge of the mattress.
He then knelt on the floor before the bed so that her neatly trimmed pubic mound was at eye level. He leaned forward, and at first only kissed her inner thighs, slowly moving his mouth upwards toward her wet center, before stopping and kissing back down her pale skin. She moaned aloud with tension and desire, feeling his breath and warm lips on her sensitive inner thighs. As his kisses moved up her thighs, she could barely contain herself from grabbing his head and forcing his mouth onto her throbbing lips. She could feel herself damp, and her clitoris swollen and aching to be licked and sucked upon. At last, she felt his gentle breath on her pubic hair and then, oh sweet bliss, his tongue gently began to probe between her lips. Slowly moving up the length of her slit, approaching her clitoris and then with a jolt the connection was made and she could not help but throw her head back and moan again, louder.
He savored her taste, her scent, he savored the control he possessed in just his lips and tongue, control over this woman’s body. He gently and slowly slid a finger into her, all the while concentrating on the sensations of her on his mouth. Another moan and a gasp escaped her as he pushed his finger further into her. She could feel already the approaching storm of her orgasm, and she didn’t want it there yet, not yet, but at the same time she welcomed it, she wanted to ride this wave of immense pleasure to completion.
He could feel the unconscious movement of her hips, gently rolling and moving to better experience the sensation imparted by this finger deep within her. He knew she was getting close to climax, and being that this was something he got just as much pleasure and enjoyment out of than she did, he kept going, slightly increasing the pressure of his mouth and the movement of his finger. She began to cry out, sounding like a porn film soundtrack, but he knew this was no staged scene, or someone following a script. She really was that into what was happening and this caused his own desire and need to increase.
She could feel it… it was coming… she was coming. The surge started deep within her, exploding outwards in a long burst of pure pleasure. The feelings and sensations of his lips, his tongue, his finger, her own body’s movement, all merged and melted together so that her whole body was drenched in this sexual release.
Her back was arched, her head thrown back. She held her breath, wanting to drag out this feeling, like a surfer on a once in a lifetime wave, wanting to ride it out as long as possible.
He stopped moving, leaving his finger inside her but lifting his head to watch her orgasm. The satisfaction of being able to make her feel like this was amazing. He could smell her on his top lip, taste her on his tongue. That most intimate scent and flavor of a woman.
As her climax started to wind down like a jet engine coming to a stop, her thoughts turned to him. Her mind was filled with his body, picturing how his erect cock would look, feel, taste. She slowly raised herself on her elbows, looking down at him. With flushed cheeks she smiled a dirty, knowing smile and beckoned him onto the bed.