Silver River

The black and white banks
Of the river that flows
Past buildings neglected
And lit by moons glow.

The silver light burning
From lunar’s harsh burn
Casts shades of dark pitch
In which lovers are spurned.

Down moonlit cold paths
Where the dreamers may roam
Could be seen kindred spirits
Who just want to atone.

A chill from the water
Seeps slowly within
While the moon in its heaven
Shows wanderers sin.

Come walk with me angel
And see the dark sights
We’ll ponder the dreams
Painted by the moonlight.


Sweet Breeze

Sweet breeze,
keep the vessel of my mood
from being swept o’er and
down to the abyss that draws
all at the edge of this earth.
For this journey,
not yet hardly begun still is
deep and full of pleasures
unknown and also yet untasted.
Though the canvas may
be full, and the rigging
tight and true, alas the tiller
of my ship is in hands of
not me.
So, sweet breeze,
I beg thee, keep my course
straight and true
and only into the calm waters of