It seems being in a music studio while my son records another track is conducive to my own creative process. I wrote this today. Hope you like it.

Faded now, this strength of man,
As dying light at evening,
Where once an anger
Fired the blood,
No more a temper seething.

Songs I’ve sung, the bows I took,
Applause for all my suff’ring,
I raged against the
Powers that be,
Took solice in my blustering.

Laws I fought, I made my name
With words of promised glory,
I always had the
Time to weave
One more embittered story.

Now the shade, with final fall,
Brings down a closing curtain,
A stand against an
Unfair world
No more my heavy burden.

Autumn’s draw, as summer ends,
Now winters cold approaches,
This age of man comes
To a close,
The dark it now encroaches.


This Man

Look you;
this weakening frame
in God’s image made.
Is he not proud?
Is he not worthy?
Is he not glorious in form
and function?

Nay, not proud
nor worthy, nor in glory
This troubled soul
in mortal body cast,
with self confidence
and self worth as
as that the weight of a
has no more desire than
to prostrate himself, in
supplication and worship,
before you.


He was a man
with fire and guilt
in eyes the same colour as smoke.
His every whim
was acted on swift
and all was to him but a joke.

She was a woman
of soul sweet and pure
and a heart that encompassed the earth.
To give all she had
and sacrifice all
would be but a trifle to her.

They met on a night
when the stars were aflame
and the moon seemed to swallow the sky.
Both looking for something
that neither did have
no matter how hard they did try.

To him she was heaven
embodied in looks
with a face that would cause him to weep.
A body that moved
with an angels pure grace
that caused in him hunger so deep.

To her he was all
that she knew to be wrong
a creature of feelings so base.
But all that she yearned for
a life with a spark
was seen in his unshaven face.

When first their eyes met
in nights velvet dark
cities could rise and then fall.
The world disappeared
and faded to black
nothing else mattered at all.

Their first tender kiss
mixing lust and regret
was a moment of timeless embrace.
Each of them tasting
that this was their home
and this was their favourite place.

But lust with no boundaries
when difference is rife
could never eternally last.
With nothing in common
but passion and sex
connections deteriorate fast.

Before far too long
the problems arose
and the powerful feelings dispersed.
With mourning they saw
that the romance had died
and they wanted to side step the hurt.

So regretfully sighing
and showing good sense
they took away hearts to protect.
To him she was perfect
to her he was all
and neither would ever forget.