A Room At The Top

There’s a room in a house
You shared with a girl,
A window that showed the
Dark streets;
It sat at the top of
A three storied stair,
A pillow that always
Smelled sweet.

The first night I stayed there
You offered me wine,
You told me I would not
Drive home;
We shared a hot evening
A night under stars,
Such moves I had never
Been shown.

The drive the next morning
That took me away,
A route to be etched in
My mind;
This journey I’d follow
Again and again,
To room where our bodies

This house in the city
The room at the top,
Forever I just longed
To be;
A climb to the top of
The three storied stairs,
The whole world then made sense
To me.


I Walked For Miles

Well. I was sitting here wondering where my muse had disappeared to, when this one hit me of a sudden. I hope you like it.

I walked for miles, with cap in hand,
I walked for miles to you;
I walked for miles without a plan,
My soul with hope shot through.
I walked for miles to see you dear,
To lay down at your feet,
But you refused my loving gift,
With me you would not meet.

I ran for miles, my joy unbound,
I ran for miles to you;
I ran for miles ‘cross evil ground,
All feelings felt so true.
I ran for miles to see you dear,
To bask within your glow,
But you refused to hear my plea,
For why I do not know.

I crawled for miles, my heart held up,
I crawled for miles to you;
I crawled for miles’ pon hand and knee,
I’d see my journey through.
I crawled for miles to see you dear,
To beg for just your time,
But as you coldly turned away,
I slowly lost my mind.


It seems that sleep depravation and an early start are conducive to creativity. This is another one written first thing this morning, between about 5:30 and 7:00. Hope you like it.

Walk in silence, it’s not that far,
To where you found your joy;
Take solace in the little things,
The tone in which the silence rings,
And where a smile sets love to wing,
You’ll find me waiting there.

Walk in sorrow, it’s near and near,
To where you lost your guilt;
No more to rage against the night,
Nor cry at what may be and might,
But step by step become the light,
You’ll find me waiting there.

Walk forever, or just a day,
However long it takes;
Time will pass the world will turn,
Your mind will grow with things you’ll learn,
The stars will fall and the sky will burn,
But I’ll be waiting there.

One More Night

Swimming pictures;
Focus in and focus out
On the winding walk home.
One more beer, one more beer,
No harm is done with one more beer.

Such distance;
It never took this long
To get to where my bed is.
One more step, one more step,
I’ll get back home with one more step.

Smiles recalled;
Laughter comes easy
When sweet alcohol flows.
One more joke, one more joke,
Make us all roar with one more joke.

Out again;
Into the evening
Where the bright neon plays.
One more night, one more night,
Let’s hit the town for one more night.

Hurry Back

This house now cold,
Bereft and dark,
As iron lines
Remove my heart.
No more a laugh,
Nor smile of joy,
These miles to cover,
A day destroyed.

Hurry back,
My life and soul,
Leave me not long
In land of cold.
For where I stay,
In misery,
Becomes my heaven
When you’re with me.

My Favourite Place

A life bereft of joy now dies
as there before my thankful eyes
a face to light a thousand nights
and cause all fear to now take flight.
She may disclaim her perfect form
when in the night all clothes are shorn
but to my body’s wild desire
she is the fan that drives the fire.
No journey’s miles would be too far
nor time so spent in lonely car
for once arrived at lovers nest
my weary soul gets sweetened rest.
So as I leave and make my way
through winters cold and darkened day
I know the end of road I chase
will take me to my favourite place.

That First Moment

That first moment,
that first smile;
it makes the unending miles

That first moment,
that first kiss;
no roads travelled too long for
this bliss.

That first moment,
that first touch;
I’d walk if I had to, this means
so much.

That first moment,
that first embrace;
down roads unwinding to find
my place.

That first moment,
that first heat;
fiercely burning passion hot
and sweet.

That first moment,
yet to come;
when night is ours and finally
we succumb.