This isn’t one of my best, but I’m just pleased my muse has started to visit a little more often. I hope you like it.

We moved to our hands
When the spades weren’t enough,
The hole in the earth slowly grew;
A secret to bury
In land cold and hard,
A wicked truth we only knew.

A treacherous act
That made us as one,
Something to hide from the world;
The black of the dirt
Was piled to the side,
And into the dark it was hurled.

No more would this sin
Be awake to the day,
Once more our innocence saved;
In the bowels of the earth
Our mistake would remain,
No more to our guilt so enslaved.

We’d always recall
As we went our own way,
The terrible thing that we did;
But now in the dark
The secret is left,
And there would forever be hid.

The Fashion Of The Time

I walked among the lower class,
With a cravat the shade of lime;
My top and tails adorned with pearl
As was the fashion of the time.

With booted feat of leathered glow,
A shaded past of deadly crime;
My swagger spoke of worldly lust
As was the fashion of the time.

Each passing face and glowing soul,
And endless choice of which is mine;
The life to end with vicious glee
As was the fashion of the time.

To move amongst these cattled men,
A hidden wolf with covered lines;
Not spotted for my own true self
As was the fashion of the time.

My heinous acts not ever seen,
For all this city is but mine;
The hidden killer moving ever on
As was the fashion of the time.

Devil Clothed In Mortal Skin

Devil clothed in mortal skin,
whispering words
of sweet tasting sin.

Hidden from view, in plain sight
walking among us
by day and by night.

Eyes that burn with crimson hue,
speak of the lies
that seem oh so true.

Encouraging evil, remaining apart
feeding the darkness
in tar blackened heart.

A single word in willing ear,
can change sweet slumber
to dreams filled with fear.

As each day passes, influence grows,
growing in power
while nobody knows.

Watch for this evil, be ever aware,
for though he may dwindle,
he’ll always be there.

Shaping the world and all that’s within,
this devil clothed,
in mortal skin.