A friend of mine is going through a hard time. This come to me through that. Hope you like it

The headline news, you let me see
Behind the marriage door.
The life I thought was perfect,
Not perfect anymore.
A bond that painted to the world
Such envied loving bliss,
But since revealed as brave facade,
Made hollow by a kiss.
If your relationship can fail,
What hope for such as me?
I looked to you with jealous gaze,
And what my life could be.
But now you open up with pain,
And honestly reveal,
The scars of words said in the night,
Deep wounds that need to heal.
My darling friend, I’m here to help,
I’ve lived the life you see,
The call of doubt, the unsure love,
The unknown what might be.
Although right now, the dark is all
You see from night to day,
I promise you that things improve,
Please trust in what I say.


The Steps Of St. Paul’s

Updating this to include it in the Daily Prompt today: “Write a post entirely in the present tense.”
Hope you like it.

As the warm evening sun kisses
sweetly the shore,
she trips softly in joy with
her friend from before.

They laugh with abandon while
sharing the wine,
content just to linger in
evening sublime.

She tries to remember the
skill from past days,
of skipping a pebble ‘cross
mud coloured waves.

With sarcastic poses they
dance for the lens,
this moment of pleasure as
true loving friends.

As darkness draws on they move
into the city,
sun-kissed and glowing yet
still sweetly pretty.

They linger by windows with
clothes and fine art,
their reflections laugh back
as they still look the part.

With timeless abandon they
mix with all sorts,
the bikers, the posers,
the ladies in shorts.

And by the nights end they will
rest not at all,
as they sit sipping whisky
on the steps of St. Paul’s.