Forgotten Once Again

Just like that, we were OK.
A single kiss was all it took,
To still the air, the walls that shook,
Such hatred in a single look,
Forgotten once again.

Just like that, we were alright.
A hand across the new divide,
To bride the gap, grown far too wide,
The painful thorn stuck in the side,
Forgotten once again.

Just like that, we were as one.
Forgiveness sought in just a word,
To make things right, seem less absurd,
Where tears had made the room seem blurred,
Forgotten once again.

Just like that, we were complete.
Love’s reminder softly heard,
To bring us back, and soothe the hurt,
Who caused the storm, who fired first,
Forgotten once again.



Dear readers…
A little bit of a strange one this. It fell out of me in dribs and drabs over the past couple of days, and I’m not really sure where it came from. Still, another little piece for you all to enjoy / criticise. And as always, thank you so much for reading my work.


Turn thine eyes and shine no more
‘pon this wretched face;
Thy grace and charity so shared
No more by me deserved.

Close thine ears to whispered words
Shared from mouth of mine;
No more should thou art suffer so
Such sorrow unreserved.

Take thy self away from me
So deny me love;
Thy sweet response and countenance
Too painful to observe.

Hold thy self in cold remove
Warm my heart no more;
Thy blessed face angelic so
No longer should be borne.

Hide thy self from yearning gaze
Spilled so from my eyes;
Forbearance now to be my word
And ever should I mourn.

This plea I give in recompense
For sins so visited;
No longer should my life be touched
By heart as pure as yours.