I’d Light All The Fires For You

I’d light all the fires for you;
And burn from the world, all the untruths
That stain and infect the deep soul of you,
Cleansing with heat the poison within,
I’d light all the fires for you.

I’d light all the fires for you;
Such light burning bright, dark nevermore
Stars in their heaven forget what they’re for,
A burning not seen since world did begin,
I’d light all the fires for you.

I’d light all the fires for you;
A sky full of flames, to wipe out the land
Destroying it all with a wave of my hand,
You’ll see all the power I have deep within,
I’d light all the fires for you.



Faithful readers…
Here we are again, another quickly written and published piece. I don’t know where the inspiration came from, and I’m not sure how much it actually works, but I hope you like it.

Turn about and turn again,
The stair a-winding ever deeper
Where nought will see the night anon,
So cast about in pain.

To depths unknowing ever on,
And lights remembrance now forgotten
The feeling of the sunlights warmth,
Eternally forgone.

Drawn onward by such desperate cries,
From tortured souls of sinners wicked
Who led the way down darkened stair,
And saw redemptions lies.

Down crooked stair through blackened pitch,
Unable to arrest this journey
Into the bowels of this earthly realm,
The deepest darkest ditch.

As end approaches fires rise,
The heat from souls unending burning
Tossed and thrown by Satan’s spawning,
Where you must now abide.

Your final steps through twisted portal,
Well met by visions of your harbour
Where now forever thou time will be,
The ending of this mortal.

I’d Burn The World For You

I am nought but aged man,
I’d burn the world for you.

I have not much but tarnished heart,
I’d burn the world for you.

My life was dark but you’re my light,
I’d burn the world for you.

All I am is yours to own,
I’d burn the world for you.

Heavens gates would tremble so,
I’d burn the world for you.

I’ll show my love with raging fire,
I’d burn the world for you.

I’d burn the world for you.

Like A Fire

If granted me
this sacred chance
I’d love you like a fire,
a passion hot
that burns unchecked
to which all men aspire.

Where other loves
have faded so
to ash and char-ed bone,
this love of mine
for you my heart
would last as bedrock stone.

I will not beg
nor plead, my light,
in pride I am a fool,
but chance denied
of truest love
would be a blow too cruel.

So grant me dear
this sacred chance
to light this loving flame,
for heart denied
of passions fire
would be a dying shame.


A slow burn of
passion, sparked
with a touch.

This isn’t a dark
dream, gifted
by this night.

Thought lost to
fire, raging
through shivering bodies.

We hear sounds of
drums, a beat
as we fuck.

This sweet crested
wave, peak
of our pleasure.

Emptied of all
stress, spent
in our sweat.


Blood boiling anger
turning inside,
peaceful tranquility
no longer abides.

Aggression and energy
seething within,
internally picturing
soul tarnished sin.

Screaming in thought
and shouting a name,
life has moved on
no longer the same.

Saving the madness
for nights all alone,
trusting my hand
to not pick up the phone.

This is reality
granted with glee,
thinking my heart
will never be free.

All that I am
battered and flayed,
wishing the past
could maybe have stayed.

Strength I do find
in friendships brand new,
ridding the beast
of damaged accrued.

Words whispered softly
to calm and assure,
reviving the heart
with love strong and pure.

This is my life now
with peace broken through,
rage dissipated
all thanks to you.

A Taste Of Passion – Part 1

They’d waited an age for this night together. The flirting had began as fun, a comment now and then, moving onto exchanged emails and texts. When they both realized that this could actually become something serious, something special, each conversation had extra electricity, each physical meeting almost charged with the promise of some explosive force waiting to be unleashed. Through mutual understanding they had agreed to take things slow. A dinner date, a day spent at the museum followed by a film. Feeling each other out, in preparation for exposing their true feelings.
And now, after a night of wonderful food and rich, expensive wine, they were alone in the hotel room. They had decided on a neutral place for their first exploration of each other so that neither of them felt awkward, or inclined to leave as soon as pleasure was taken.

They were stretched out on the bed, still fully clothed but minus shoes. Lying on their sides, bodies touching through denim, eyes closed. Their kisses had started as soon as they had closed the hotel room door, stumbling toward the bed while not wanting to lose the fire that had started within them from the dancing passion of their entwined tongues.
They had reached a peak of breathlessness, hands clawing at clothes but not yet exposing willing and hungry flesh. With a gasp, they had pulled apart to stand before each other, chests heaving and blood pumping. She had taken his hand, led him to the bed. She had turned him and made him sit, and then knelt before him to take off his shoes. He thought it was one of the most romantic things he’d ever experienced, looking down at her kneeling before him, picturing other scenarios where this view could come to pass.

After rising and taking off her own shoes, they had lay down together, shuffling toward each other until here they were, kisses now slower, deeper, but no less full of desire and want.
His jeans became tighter as his erection surged against its restraining cloth, almost screaming internally to be let free, to explore the very centre of this beautiful woman. The fabric of her bra, with each slight movement, causing her already erect nipples to tingle with ice-like fire. With each passing second of their long, slow kisses, the temperature in the room seemed to rise and the air felt thinner. With a surge of movement, he rolled her on top of him, pulling her from her side so she straddled his lap. The weight of her against his already swollen member was like an exquisite torture. She sat up, and with a serious look in her eyes that asked without words whether or not he knew how wonderful this night would be, she slowly started to unbutton her blouse. As each button left it’s hole, more of her beautiful alabaster skin was revealed until the shirt fell to the floor and she sat astride him in just her bra. His eyes never left hers as she slowly reached round behind her back, to undo the clasp holding the bra fastened.