Who Do You See? 

Who do you see,
When you lay next to him?
The one that you’re with, but don’t
Wish to be?
Or dare I imagine, you’re gazing at me?

Who do you see,
When you look up at him?
The one in your bed, though he
Shouldn’t be?
Or dare I to dream, you’re moving with me?

Who do you see,
When you make love to him?
The face of the man, who you know
Shouldn’t stay?
Or can I pretend, it will be me, one day?


Forbidden Dream

It has been a long time, but I have been lucky enough to work with another talented poet on a collaboration. This one went back and forth, a verse at a time, and we came up with the piece you see below. I hope you like it. Please visit Kat’s blog to read more of her work.

You hugged me in my dream last night,
Warm and protecting, it felt so right.
The night before I couldn’t meet your eyes,
You frowned at me, at my undignified cries.
My weaknesses in my awoken self show desperation for some admission,
Some form of written evidence to rid the numbing of rejection.

You fit my arms so well last night,
I held you so close, I held you so tight.
The night before I got lost in your eyes,
I did not want your protests, I wanted your sighs.
My assurances of your awaking self called delicately for desire,
A way to show you in my deeds that to your passion I aspire.

You softly spoke in my dream last night,
Your voice in my subconscious so consistent.
The night before I felt invisible,
You shrouded me from existence.
Do my words scare you to silence or do they boost your ego from their wanting?
Are you protecting me from your desires? Your ignorance feels so assaulting.

You responded to my words last night,
A sweetly kindled fire slow revealing.
I brought you forth from hiding shadows,
No more to stay in darkness all concealing.
Your craving need expressed with words but skin and flesh speaks message clearer.
The rising heat from untamed lust causes one response; I must be nearer.

You sent waves of electricity through my dream last night,
As your body blanketed mine.
Your imaginary skin glistening with beads of sweat,
As our limbs began to intertwine.
Must you keep on trespassing on my dreams like this and encourage an act so forbidding?
My mind confusing reality and fantasy, creating a bitter heart so unforgiving.

You sparked the charge of dancing fire last night,
As you gave your body to me.
You opened as a flower would bloom,
And showed in deeds what passion should be.
I know no other way of allowing this desire that we know cannot be granted.
So in our dreams I make my intentions clear, with reality supplanted.

You kissed my desperate lips with a purpose last night,
A bitter sweet lasting goodbye.
Many times we’ve rehearsed this scene before,
But this is the last time I want to cry.
You guided me out of the shadows, I can now feel the excruciating pain.
Of no more trying to hold onto a dream, your heart I can never selfishly retain.

You kissed me with your desperate lips last night,
But I also tasted your tears.
The final scene we endlessly live through,
A culmination of our fears.
You granted me a glimpse of heaven, of what we might have been,
But oh alas, this world must win, no more must we live our dream.

From Afar

No real explanation to this one – but I was struck by inspiration, all of a sudden. I hope you like it.

Though mine own eyes
Have not been blessed
With the beauty that you are,
I must content
My yearning heart
By loving from afar.

Though mine own lips
Have not yet brushed
Your skin alive and scarred,
I must for now
Imagine bliss
By loving from afar.

Though mine own ears
Have not yet heard
Your voice singing to the stars,
I must content
My aching soul
By loving from afar.

Though mine own skin
Is yet to feel
Your warm body in my arms,
I must for now
Hold to that hope
And love you from afar.

This Is So

And another new piece today. My muse has slipped her gentle hand into mine again, and away she has taken me. Although her voice may have been a little dulled for this one, as I’m not overly sure of it. But I hope you like it, and thank you all once again for reading my work.

A cool regard of all I am,
Such hard dismissive stare,
Should not induce such hope in me,
Nor cause my blood to course through me,
And yet with you
This is so.

A lack of interest cast toward,
As though I’m never there,
Should not encourage joy in me,
Nor cause my heart to beat in me,
And yet with you
This is so.

Such cutting words with evil wit,
That spear and pierce and wound,
Should not to me as music be,
Nor cause me joy and ecstasy,
And yet with you
This is so.

With actions showing true intent,
Not hiding that so felt,
Should not grant hope of dreams to me,
Nor light a flame of what might be,
And yet with you
This is so.

We love the one that hurts us most,
Not able to resist,
The punishment of want undone,
A story stopped before begun,
And see with you
This is so.

I Don’t Want Much

I don’t want much;
a smile, a touch,
a word of kindness,
a hug and such…
I don’t want much.

I don’t need a lot;
a cooling hand
when brow is hot,
to not be forgot…
I don’t need a lot.

There’s not much I yearn;
a bright love that burns,
a face to me that
never turns…
there’s not much I yearn.

I have few desires;
a love like a fire,
a heart that’s committed
to never expire…
I have few desires.

I don’t want much;
a smile, a touch,
a word of kindness,
a hug and such…
I don’t want much.

That First Moment

That first moment,
that first smile;
it makes the unending miles

That first moment,
that first kiss;
no roads travelled too long for
this bliss.

That first moment,
that first touch;
I’d walk if I had to, this means
so much.

That first moment,
that first embrace;
down roads unwinding to find
my place.

That first moment,
that first heat;
fiercely burning passion hot
and sweet.

That first moment,
yet to come;
when night is ours and finally
we succumb.

Reblog : When It Comes

Another re-blog, for the benefit of those that are new to my blog. This was written (origninally) back in November last year. I have a couple more I want to re-blog, but won’t inundate you all. Hope you like this one. It’s called “When It Comes”.

You’d best be ready,
when it comes;
It’ll sweep you away,
without thought or favour,
and you’ll no longer know,
your own heart or mind.

You can try and stand,
when it comes;
It will break you down,
leave you shattered and shocked,
realizing all convictions,
are as substantial as mist.

You won’t believe it,
when it comes;
All life experience,
leading to that moment,
ill preparation,
for what takes you away.

It will change you,
when it comes;
The knowledge of self,
thought to be inviolate,
disregarded without a thought,
without a regretful look back.

Hold on tight,
when it comes;
For although terrifying,
it can be wonderful,
to be driven mad,
by such sweet intoxication.

Give in to it,
when it comes;
Stand with open mind,
embrace with open heart,
for life is too short,
and regrets too long held.