We Danced Around Our Shadows

I wanted to come up with something new for National Poetry Day. I hope you like it.
Much love,

We danced around our shadows, the music calling forth,
With care our feet made patterned shapes,
The dark we skipped for fear of fate,
And though the hour grew so late,
Still we danced some more.

We danced around our shadows, our bodies ‘cross the floor,
To lose ourselves within the tune,
Your eyes on mine and showing doom,
Our mirror ball the shining moon,
Still we danced some more.

We danced around our shadows, stuck forever on our course,
The never ending drummer’s beat,
Forgetting what it is to sleep,
All the while not quite complete,
Still we danced some more.

We danced around our shadows, not what we bargained for,
To never now assume our rest,
We move as one at tune’s behest,
Eternity spent chest to chest,
Still we danced some more.


I Remember

My muse, my long lost stranger, seems to have remembered where I live and now has decided to visit again. This one came from just one sentence, and flowed from there. One of the joys I get from writing is when that happens. I hope you like it.

I remember how they danced,
Unknowing view from way on high;
The secret see of lovers grace,
With tears of sorrow on my face,
And all about this haunted place,
I remember how they danced.

I remember how they laughed,
Such painful sound within my ears;
Dark joy of lovers seen below,
With me above where they don’t know,
To spy upon this love sick show,
I remember how they laughed.

I remember how they kissed,
A wicked dagger to my heart;
The fates conspire with nought that’s fair,
While I alone can sit and stare,
To see old lover standing there,
I remember how they kissed.

I remember how we kissed,
And how we laughed at all the world;
Forever was our time in space,
My only vision your sweet face,
And though another takes my place,
I remember how we danced.


This is yet another piece that went on its own path from my mind to the keyboard. Poor, sweet Polly-Anne…what did she do to deserve such a fate?
I have no idea. But please, think of her fondly, and I hope you like my tale of her.

She’s never alone, sweet Polly-Anne,
The voice in her head never leaves;
Accusing and cruel,
With a cast iron rule,
A presence in mind,
That’s not often kind,
It colours the life that she leads.

She dances alone, does Polly-Anne,
To music that only she hears;
The strings of a harp,
That pluck at her heart,
The beat of a drum,
That makes her bones hum,
The voice of the crowd always cheers.

She’s wanted by all, dear Polly-Anne,
But no one will ever get close;
She passes like spring,
Or a bird on the wing,
Not staying too long,
Like summer she’s gone,
But in winter I miss her most.

No longer with us, poor Polly-Anne,
Too gentle for world such as this;
She swallowed her fill,
From one box of pills,
And went to her rest,
No beat in her chest,
I bid her goodbye with a kiss.

They Danced : A Reading

I wrote a poem yesterday called “We Danced” – it was written from a first person, male point of view. The exceptionally talented fibee5 liked it, and wanted to record a reading of it, but thought it wouldn’t sound right from a male perspective spoken in a female voice. (I think it would have sounded very interesting, actually – almost like a lesbian romance – but it’s her voice and her choice). Anyway, after a small re-write, fibee5 recorded this version for me. Again, she’s perfectly captured the rhythm and feeling of the poem. I hope you like it. And please, pay a visit to her blog here, you won’t be disappointed. Thank you.

And here is the re-write so you can read along if you wish…

In marbled halls with velvet drapes
they met ‘neath evening moon;
The dress of silk that hugged her curves
set heart of his to swoon.
The chess board floor of black and white
did echo to her heels;
And perfumed skin in flawless form
his breath did quickly steal.
As hands entwined and bodies touched
their world became a dream;
The music swelled and took their minds
her eyes so sweetly gleamed.
They moved as one within the beat
perfectly in time;
Around they span in breathless whirl
a movement so sublime.
The room around them slowly faded
leaving them apart;
And all they knew in moment held
the beating of their hearts.
They gave themselves to here and now
for parting comes too soon;
So while the music carried them
they danced around the room.

Blind Date

We danced and turned around the floor,
the bar was ready to close.
When we met you hid a smirk,
from laughing at my clothes.

We drank too much of dodgy wine,
and reservations left.
You started on the seat across,
but ended on my left.

I felt as though this was a trick,
a prank played by a friend.
For why would you be sitting here,
I could not comprehend.

Eventually we shared a kiss,
hesitant and nervous.
I accidentally bit your lip,
you thought it was on purpose.

Complaining bar staff finally won,
and firmly they removed us.
We stood and huddled in the cold,
scanning for the night bus.

You called a cab and left me there,
with smile as wide as heaven.
I had the nicest night of all,
a score from ten, eleven.

I don’t know what I did so wrong,
or why you now won’t call me.
perhaps my charm began to wane,
my chat up lines grow corny.

I’ll never know happened here,
to turn your keen to hate.
But nevermore will I embark
on nerve racking blind dates.