Forbidden Dream

It has been a long time, but I have been lucky enough to work with another talented poet on a collaboration. This one went back and forth, a verse at a time, and we came up with the piece you see below. I hope you like it. Please visit Kat’s blog to read more of her work.

You hugged me in my dream last night,
Warm and protecting, it felt so right.
The night before I couldn’t meet your eyes,
You frowned at me, at my undignified cries.
My weaknesses in my awoken self show desperation for some admission,
Some form of written evidence to rid the numbing of rejection.

You fit my arms so well last night,
I held you so close, I held you so tight.
The night before I got lost in your eyes,
I did not want your protests, I wanted your sighs.
My assurances of your awaking self called delicately for desire,
A way to show you in my deeds that to your passion I aspire.

You softly spoke in my dream last night,
Your voice in my subconscious so consistent.
The night before I felt invisible,
You shrouded me from existence.
Do my words scare you to silence or do they boost your ego from their wanting?
Are you protecting me from your desires? Your ignorance feels so assaulting.

You responded to my words last night,
A sweetly kindled fire slow revealing.
I brought you forth from hiding shadows,
No more to stay in darkness all concealing.
Your craving need expressed with words but skin and flesh speaks message clearer.
The rising heat from untamed lust causes one response; I must be nearer.

You sent waves of electricity through my dream last night,
As your body blanketed mine.
Your imaginary skin glistening with beads of sweat,
As our limbs began to intertwine.
Must you keep on trespassing on my dreams like this and encourage an act so forbidding?
My mind confusing reality and fantasy, creating a bitter heart so unforgiving.

You sparked the charge of dancing fire last night,
As you gave your body to me.
You opened as a flower would bloom,
And showed in deeds what passion should be.
I know no other way of allowing this desire that we know cannot be granted.
So in our dreams I make my intentions clear, with reality supplanted.

You kissed my desperate lips with a purpose last night,
A bitter sweet lasting goodbye.
Many times we’ve rehearsed this scene before,
But this is the last time I want to cry.
You guided me out of the shadows, I can now feel the excruciating pain.
Of no more trying to hold onto a dream, your heart I can never selfishly retain.

You kissed me with your desperate lips last night,
But I also tasted your tears.
The final scene we endlessly live through,
A culmination of our fears.
You granted me a glimpse of heaven, of what we might have been,
But oh alas, this world must win, no more must we live our dream.

Light The Night

A while ago, the wonderfully talented Hastywords suggested we team up for another poem. I really enjoyed writing with her, but she has decided to no longer write in collaboration, so I’m honoured that I managed to write one more time with her. I hope you like this one.

Falling inside raindrops made of glass
Wordless laments land and shatter
On silent sidewalks paying no mind
To the broken edges that they scatter

Unheard cries and oft ignored entreaties
Silence is all that is returned
Screaming out into the heartless void
Knowing all such pleas will be spurned

Landslides full of debris fill lengthy valleys
Without warning and without concern
Shouting headlong a battle cry in defeat
Everything crushed, nothing left to discern

Entombed in rubbled hopelessness so shattered
No longer seeing sunlight’s given hope
How can one so survive such brutal burial?
How can one in such drowning learn to cope?

Courage will grant strength and with that fortitude
To stand against the dark and make a fight
And though all but a spark from me is taken
This spark will burn enough to light the night.

Reblog : Courted By Terror

As I’m struggling a little bit with inspiration, I thought I’d show those of you who have not seen much of my writing how a collaboration can work. This piece was written in collaboration with the exceedingly talented ScottishMomus. If anyone is tempted to try a collaboration themselves, and they’ve never done it before, drop me an email using the ‘Something to say’ link to the right, and we’ll see what we can do. I hope you like reading this one as much as I liked writing it..

Eyes open wide, I lie quite still
In nightmare’s frozen grasp
While chilling hands reach out to me.
In silence, I scream and gasp.

This latest victim gripped by fear
In night, my precious friend,
With stealth I move, ever close
Another soul to tend.

Paralysed hold has made me bold,
My insides start to quiver,
Limbs cannot move to aid or flee
But tremors, inside, shiver.

I sense her terror, intoxicating
A drug that spurs me on,
Her beating heart and panting breath
To me a sirens song.

Only wakened eyes can see the one
And terror courts my soul,
While human manifested lust
Envelops body whole.

Revealed to her in gloried form
Such fear so swift engendered,
Dark desires so physical
Soon powerfully rendered.

The fear, such fear, does haunt me still,
Suppressed as best I can.
This darkened lover in the night
Had not the face of man.

These glowing eyes of hellish depths
Of fire and ice in fusion,
Drink in her form so prostrated
From a face not one bit human.

At shudders end, I claimed my body
But sat up staring wide
Who had penetrated me, untouched,
But felt so deep inside?

Withdrawn from deed so darkly done
My presence deep within,
No touch of flesh so needed
To grant an inner sin.

I looked to see in mirror’s frame
And laughter I heard there,
A distant sense of eyes beheld,
Reaching from some lair.

I watch reaction from afar
As she stares at her reflection,
My wicked mirth I cannot hide
At our newly formed connection.

Molested by the darkest night
And darkest soul of all.
Orgasmic pleasure be subdued,
Temptation from the fall.

Your Dreaming Mind

A third, and very pleasing, collaboration with the blindingly talented FortyoneTeen. This is another of our poems that came from a ‘throw-away’ comment by one of us (can’t remember who) and the poem flowed very easily from there. FortyoneTeen worries sometimes that her verses aren’t good enough, but as you can see she has an exceptional talent for matching her words and thoughts to the general idea of the poem. I hope you like this one. It’s called “Your Dreaming Mind”.

What worlds and landscapes
would I see,
if granted access
to conjured dreams
behind your slumbering eyes.

To follow you down
shadowed streets,
while warm in bed
your body beats,
untethered now
all freed to clouded skies.

To journey through
this dreaming mind,
what beasts of myth
or stars to find
and landscapes built of
fragile structured lies.

Should I be still amongst
your thoughts,
lay quiet like a breath
now caught,
to reach to touch
the nothingness of sighs.

Dreams are but a
shade away,
a shadow’s breath
from day-to-day,
but in them held are
visions clear and wise.

The more the less of
all undone,
I watch you trip
as visions run,
soon dreams collapse
always the sun must rise.

Winter And Summer

A second collaboration with the disgustingly talented Fortyoneteen. This was an idea she came up with, as is her wont, and it triggered more flowing words. We have the idea of what this poem is ‘about’, but rather than explain it here, I think it’s better if you all read into it what you wish. Hope you enjoy it. Thank you again to Fortoneteen for the collaboration. All the bits that make you smile are hers, the bits that don’t quite fit are mine.

He scrapes his bitter kiss against her cheek
iced fingers creep under clothes,
poking ribs, regardless.

His breath needles her skin, soon bumped
she waits for numb, slow to come
and huddles against what little heat remains.

The grey of a just rained cloud
overcasts her eyes unready to hide
tiny bites stutter from her sunless smile.

She knows only him, all and mostly him.

Cold shouldered she despairs, for one more gold day.

She breathes her scented kiss across his skin
her presence warming bones,
touching him, thoughtless.

Her heat bathes him, skin glistens,
the taste of sweat, pleasingly wet
with the promise of frictionless movement.

The deep blue of a summer morn’
graces her eyes, open and true
wanton lips swell, in anticipation.

He knows only her, all and mostly her.

Warm bodied he rejoices, in blessed golden day.

Elusive Words

My third (but hopefully not final) collaborative piece. This was written with the wonderful Fortyoneteen via a back-and-forth email marathon over a few days.  I was lucky enough to be approached by her with the offer of having my poetry dragged up to the level of her art, and she kindly sent me a verse that kicked off a cascade of images.  So, without further ado we worked on this piece before you.  It’s different to the other two I’ve done so far, but no less enjoyable. I hope you like it, and please go and check out her blog. As ever – my bits are the bits that make you cringe, or make your eyes hurt – hers are the bits that make you smile and your imagination buzz.

They find each other
amongst the noise
a softy spoken, quiet voice;
when they do
is when we know
the truth in where they lay, just so.

Endless searching
for precious trove
of jeweled response, so behoved;
open chest of
shining words
that grace the ear, so sweetly heard.

Past lips that bite
at warming sound
from tip of tongue, or deeply bound;
I’ll write you out
from heavy heart
unsure of end, or where to start.

To grace mine eyes
these words displayed
to shatter love, or cause dismay;
create a world
of peace and light
or evil landscape, black as night.

I beg for verse
at finger tips
I close my eyes, and shut my lips;
in calm I sense
before I see
hold breath as waves wash over me.


This is the first collaboration I actually finished, but the publication was delayed so it was in sync with the co-author. It was written with the scarily talented Hasty Words. Once again, blame me for all the mistakes and dodgy prose, applaud her for the good bits.

My eyes were closed
But I could feel you
Watching in the dark
I could feel your
Eyes wandering
Over curves
In anticipation

My senses opened
To what might be
If skin were to touch skin
I could feel
Your beating heart
Speed up
In anticipation

Night had come
A living darkness
Desire welling up
All sensations
In anticipation

Breathing hard now
Moving ever closer
Ache to touch
Recumbent form
Flesh trembling
In anticipation

Your icy prints
Search for me
Arcing currents
Form mid-way
As my blood
Lures you in
In anticipation

Succumbing finally
To your revealed
Touch delivering
What passion
Promised with
This anticipation

I’d like to thank Hasty Words for taking the time to work with on this with me, I’ve found the collaboration process very interesting and enjoyable.