C Wing

C wing on lock down,
Climbing the walls,
Feeling minute though I’m
Six foot six tall,
Noises and chatter,
The lingo inside,
Papers and baccie,
Not easy to hide.

C wing on lock down,
Cell mate a knob,
Thinks he’s a big man,
But can’t do the job,
Whispers his secrets,
While feigning a sleep,
Violence an option
Coz bruises are cheap.

C wing on lock down,
Someone was cut,
Think it was Smiffy,
He was always a nut,
Screws and their searches,
Looking for blades,
Quick with a palming,
Evidence fades.

C wing on lock down,
Life in a box,
Doors with their slamming,
Stuck behind locks,
Life for a sinner,
Crimes that you pay,
C wing on lock down,
Day after day.