This one may come across as a bit of a weird one, and I’m not sure where the ideas came from (deepest, darkest desires anyone??) but the first line triggered everything that followed it. I hope it doesn’t freak too many of you out.

Lay with me in swimwear while we paint
Each others toes,
Come with me to dingy clubs where
No one ever goes,
Scrape my skin with nails of red
And call me dirty whore,
Make me cry aloud in pain and
I will beg for more,
Kiss me once to break my heart and
Shower me with gifts,
Abuse my nature soft and sweet
And I will call you bitch,
Drive me mad with black desire
Promise me the moon,
Then crush my passion with your words
And fill my soul with doom,
I’ll never get enough of you no
Matter what you do,
For I believe I so deserve a
Mistress such as you.


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