It seems being in a music studio while my son records another track is conducive to my own creative process. I wrote this today. Hope you like it.

Faded now, this strength of man,
As dying light at evening,
Where once an anger
Fired the blood,
No more a temper seething.

Songs I’ve sung, the bows I took,
Applause for all my suff’ring,
I raged against the
Powers that be,
Took solice in my blustering.

Laws I fought, I made my name
With words of promised glory,
I always had the
Time to weave
One more embittered story.

Now the shade, with final fall,
Brings down a closing curtain,
A stand against an
Unfair world
No more my heavy burden.

Autumn’s draw, as summer ends,
Now winters cold approaches,
This age of man comes
To a close,
The dark it now encroaches.


5 Responses to Faded

  1. A little sinister and very deep, really enjoyed reading this πŸ™‚

  2. I really like the way you have captured the sense of mortality in this poem, and there is a melancholy (though not maudlin) feeling that there was no result to your struggles. A great piece which gets better with more readings. Well written!
    P.S. Has your son uploaded any songs – it’s always good to hear something new?

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