Broken Mirror

Yes, I am at work today, but this one kept nudging and probing at my mind until I got it out and down on the page. Hope you like it.

Don’t look too long in mirror broke
For fear of spirits seen.
A fractured glimpse of backward world
Where old loves may have been.

It holds the eye this shattered glass
And draws the mind within.
Hours fade while standing lost
Mem’ries seen therein.

Reflected world confused with scars
Shows dark and twisted place.
Where once familiar eyes looked out
Is now a strangers face.

Eternal light that’s captured so
In plane of silver sheen.
Still shows a glimpse of shadows dark
Amongst the broken beams.

As mind is lost to splintered glass
Through barrier so thin.
All sense is lost of where you end
And where your shade begins.

As finally your will is lost
The inner self replaced.
Your soul is lost to mirrored world
Gone without a trace.


5 Responses to Broken Mirror

  1. Very haunting in tone and imagery, Simon. The last verse sends shivers at the idea.

  2. Noora says:

    Powerful piece – I really enjoyed reading this. Thank you for sharing.

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