You can get in, if you can get in

The first two lines of this one have been bouncing around my mind for a few days – and this morning, while I was alone in my office, the rest flowed out of me. I had such a clear image that goes with this, but once again I seem to have fallen short in actually portraying it accurately. The image comes from the film “Constantine” – and after reading todays Daily Prompt I wanted to update it to fit with that. And yes, the title IS from the same film.
Anyway, I hope you like it.

There is a place that we can go
Where fallen angels meet,
Down winding path and darkened stair,
Take my hand, I’ll lead you there,
Along the secret streets.

The doorway is a portal old
Through which it’s hard to pass,
You must be known to those within,
But with me here, we’ll both get in,
And see behind the glass.

Along the walls the watchers stand
And eye the writhing throng,
Looking for the newly cursed,
Those fallen who have fell to earth,
The ones who soon belong.

The drinks they serve are bitter sweet
And made from unknown tears,
Their scent of evil does pervade,
Served in glasses made of jade,
The mix not changed for years.

The music is like none on earth
And rings to wake the dead,
What mouths could play such wicked tune,
On instruments carved ‘neath the moon,
And call a song of dread.

Do not wander far my dear
Among the dancing crowd,
For while you’re standing here with me,
The evil ones are sure to see,
To me you are avowed.

This place where fallen angels meet
Is second home to me,
So come with me and play my game,
You’ll see my nature, guess my name,
And forever dance with me.


3 Responses to You can get in, if you can get in

  1. Now, I was tempted to respond with a verse to this wonderfully dark depiction but it would have lightened the atmosphere and might not have passed through the portal. Fine work, Simon.

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