Gifted Flame

This came to me, almost as though dropped from on high down into my head. A very clear image to me, but yet again, I feel I’ve failed to paint the pictures I saw. Anyway, I hope you like it.

Once upon a shine,
In darkness where it lay,
A million years had passed,
And not a single day.
The glow of something special,
Impossible to claim,
The pitch of endless night alive,
With one undying flame.
Religion cannot dowse it,
Politics will fail,
Belongings pale when so compared,
And dreams are all set sail.
Seers have searched for decades,
Philosophers discussed,
Belief is all and everything,
It’s all about the trust.
Out among the midnight black,
Alone in deep abyss,
A light alive with promise,
And I would give you this.


2 Responses to Gifted Flame

  1. Haunting and beautifully constructed.

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