DP : Easy Fix

This was written in response to the Daily Prompt: Easy Fix.
“Write a post about any topic you wish, but make sure it ends with ‘And all was right in the world.'”.
I hope you like it.

The shout of fear that woke me up
From my own mouth and chest,
A nightmare losing frightful hold
Arrived at no behest.

In panic gripped my body shook
Within the beds confines,
And all about the dark revealed
Nought but moonlit lines.

Reaching out with searching hand
To find your soothing grasp,
An empty sheet was all I felt
Causing me to gasp.

Where had you gone my saviour
Who keeps me safe at night?
The room was cold and dark my love
With no assuring light.

When fear and loss were nearly through
With taking o’er my heart,
You soft appeared through open door
No more were we apart.

You slipped beside me ‘neath the stars
Arms open and unfurled,
I slipped back to my soothing sleep,
And all was right with the world.


3 Responses to DP : Easy Fix

  1. The final verse says it all. Comfort in the arms of love. Beautifully wrought.

  2. You did indeed. How can all not be right with the world in the arms of love? There’s a lesson here that needs spreading. Off to Twitter! 🙂

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