A strange little piece this one, not sure where the imagery comes from but it was quite a vivid picture in my mind. Hope you like it.

A crawling beastie
Cruel and keen
Creeps among the
Darkly dreams
And where it passes
Slow and soft
It brings a shivered

O twisted demon
Cold and black
Remove thy stare
From off my back
And take thyself to
Diff’rent lands
Where winds in voice are

A bristled creature
Hard and sick
With eyes of fire
And muscles thick
Hides within the
Thickened shades
Where nightmares dark are

O cackling gremlin
Wicked sin
Chase no more from
Worlds within
For unknown terrors
Summoned forth
Will paint my days with


2 Responses to Beastie

  1. The new phenomenon is holding good! Whichever way you look at it this creeps under the skin and over. Very atmospheric. And the ‘beastie’ had Burns on my shoulder there reading it in a more pronounced Scottish accent than normal. Try it.This could be a tribute piece to the man. 🙂

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