When It Comes For You

I have written a poem before called “When It Comes” and it does have the feel of a similar idea. But this one came to me this evening, and although the title and the feeling is similar to the other one, I’d still class this as original. I hope you like it.

It could arrive in poetry,
With words of dancing prose;
Pictures conjured with such words
From whence nobody knows;
But you will know the truth of it
When it comes for you.

It could be heard in music sweet,
The calling songs of old;
Such imagery so brought to bear
With symphonies of gold;
But you will hear the heart of it
When it comes for you.

It could be seen through artists eye,
With inks and oils arrayed;
A canvas used as widow clear
To view the world displayed;
But in such art you’ll see its soul
When it comes for you.

It could by nature be revealed,
In falling sunlights beam;
To set aglow like honeyed fire
And cause a precious gleam;
But in such light you’ll feel this love
When it comes for you.

So don’t refuse or turn away,
Embrace this precious chance;
Be not afraid to free your heart
And give it reign to dance;
For love will nurture, fill and bless
When it comes for you.


4 Responses to When It Comes For You

  1. Beautifully put in all the senses.

  2. 1jaded1 says:

    The title had me imagining something totally different. This is gorgeous, Simon. Yay for those who aren’t afraid to embrace when it comes for them.

    • Simon says:

      The title also threw up some different images for me… Maybe I’ll reuse it for a darker themed one. Thanks for the support, as always Jaded 😊

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