Published without comment, or explanation. Hope you like it.

I stand outside myself;
Is this a lie, a world created
For players to act their part?
Where is, what is, which is truth?
Am I to be forever one remove from
Life and all its glory?
Am I to always hold away the chance of
Something new?
I see the days and nights that pass,
The energy of existence,
And I take myself away from all and
With clear choice, stay in isolation.
Is self awareness, such as this, a curse
Or gifted blessing? Could I be more,
Much more a man, if much less pondering were evident?
I know not. I cannot know.
For this wretched vessel that hides my soul
Is all and whole encompassing.
I can but pause, and in my quietest moments,
Reflect upon this utter and complete facade of life;
And dream of the chance to see beyond this
Painted players stage,
To that honest and true depiction of


One Response to Self

  1. Began in my youngest of years and never stopped. Curse and blessing both. And the oddest sensation looking in and out while still amidst the setting. Not so pleasant but the nature of one’s self. I used to feel terribly lost but I don’t mind it now. I think that’s what you’re saying here. I think it’s a good thing in all. And not a helluva lot can be done to change character traits. Curious now as to what occurred though, for usually I would be in a social setting and suddenly feel it was all a crock and what was the point. Sorry, just being nosey. 🙂

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