Dearest readers…
I wasn’t going to add an explanation to this one – but I thought it prudent to say that this is quite autobiographical. It’s to do with my past, and what happened to me to make me the person I am today. Perversely, (in my opinion), I would say a better person. I hope you like it.

Snow will always bring me back
To days when heart was broken,
Words though read upon a screen
Rang out as if were spoken.

Snow will always bring to mind
The pain I felt in winter,
When secret seen by pure mistake
Caused life to stop and splinter.

Snow will always cause a tear
With thoughts of past engendered,
Not thinking that this love of mine
Would easy be surrendered.

Snow will always take me back
To days of cold betrayal,
When actors in this bitter play
Gave such a cruel portrayal.

Snow will always call to mind
The day my future darkened,
Where once a life of love and hope
Replaced by heart so hardened.

Snow will always give a life
To pictures oft’ remembered,
Foundations all about me fell
My wants and dreams dismembered.

Snow will always bring to mind
The day my heart was taken,
Knowing that my trust in love
Would always now be shaken.

7 Responses to Snow

  1. Very moving, Simon, in honest portrayal. I do believe that strength and greater empathy may come from adversity. This is revealed in your poetry time and again. It’s a sad fact of life that memories will revolve around circumstances prevailing at that time. Harsh and cruel. But from pain better people do very often evolve. The evidence is here.

    • Simon says:

      Awfully kind, thank you. I don’t speak well of myself very often, but I do believe I am a better person due to the pain and difficulty I went through. Thanks, as always, for reading and the positive feedback.

  2. swo8 says:

    I feel a great deal of pain there. I remember the poem “Foot Prints in the Snow” and in that poem there was a time when there was only one set of foot prints. At certain points in our lives things become too much and we need divine help. Those single set of foot prints were not yours but you were being carried by someone else who loved you very much.

  3. Beth says:

    Hello, Simon. I hope you are completely mended now. Best wishes.

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