Dark Abyss

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything new, and this evening this rather dark and strange one came to me. I hope you like it.

To stare, with such unknowing eye,
In to the dark abyss,
What madness cold that grips the heart
Could dwell in place as this.
A watchful presence deep within,
It knows all thoughts possessed,
And without warning, creeping on,
A man becomes obsessed.
With nought but echoes ringing back,
No sound is ever new,
The whispered voices of the damned
Cause terror through and through.
The very thought of letting go
And swimming in the black,
Will hold a strange attractiveness
Of never looking back.
Beware the ease of which the pit
Will summon crawling dread,
And heed the call of those below,
The wicked and the dead.
They gave their soul to join the dark,
And fled from saving light,
In to the black and cold abyss
The kingdom of the night.

7 Responses to Dark Abyss

  1. 1jaded1 says:

    It is getting more difficult to pick a favorite. So far, this is it. The very thought of letting go and swimming in the black, will hold a strange attractiveness of never looking back. Love.

  2. Very Gothic Horror. Reminds me of the classic old Roger Corman films!

  3. I can really see that place in my mind’s eye when reading this. A hellishly frightening place to be for me. No light. Temptation to jump there would be resisted by the sheer volume of darkness even if it gave oblivion. Very well depicted Simon.

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