Stalkers Love

Faithful readers…
Some people may read this and worry about me. Or about knowing me. Please rest assured this is a pure work of imagination! The idea of ‘the watcher’ came to me on the walk to work this morning, and the first two lines hit me soon after that. I hope you can enjoy this for what it is, and any comments please feel free to leave them in the usual way. Thank you for reading.

There she is,
The face that fits,
The one I know who needs me.
Every day,
Outside her home,
I watch without detection.

All she is,
My perfect mate,
At one with precious beauty.
She knows not,
Than in my arms,
I’d offer such protection.

While she is,
So unaware,
I’ll hide my love within me.
Soon one day,
I’ll make her mine,
No chance of her rejection.

Fair she is,
My passion true,
Although she doesn’t know me.
Keep her safe,
And locked away,
To study soft complexion.

Free she is,
For now at least,
But soon she’ll be beside me.
In my grasp,
Such love will bloom,
No reason for defection.

Mine she is,
In future soon,
I’ll teach her how to love me.
But for now,
Outside her house,
I’ll watch without detection.


5 Responses to Stalkers Love

  1. To a certain extent we are all outside of another, looking in, and hoping for acceptance.
    Or this could just be creepy!!!

  2. Aim acieved! 😉

  3. Jules Lucton says:

    I just love it when writers achieve an eerie or creepy effect without resorting to descriptions of horrible stuff. You are the master of suggestion here, Simon, leaving it open to the reader to imagine what might happen next …

    • Simon says:

      Thank you Jules. Certain people have wondered where this kind of idea comes from – how can I write so vividly without the benefit of ‘experience’ – but all I can say is my imagination CAN be a dark and dirty place ☺
      Thanks again for reading and commenting

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