Your Face

While this vein of poetic creativity is flowing through me, I guess I’ll be writing and publishing when I’m struck by inspiration. Hope you like this one.

It’s in the swirls of wine that pours,
The light from dancing candle,
It’s seen behind my sleeping eye,
While mind is wand’ring far and wide
Where world’s are insubstantial.

It’s seen amongst the reeds and grass,
That turn to face the summer,
It’s seen when spring puts on her show,
When autumn burns and colours grow
And winter tears asunder.

It’s seen when stars form patterns bright,
The glow from lunar’s flying,
It’s seen amongst the planets turn,
And where the heavens fire burns
In all its glory dying.

It’s seen in every work of art,
The lines and forms of beauty,
It’s seen in shadows at days end,
When in the evening love I’ll send
For this is my own duty.

I see your face at every turn,
It always haunts my waking,
No matter where I dare to roam,
Horizon far or close to home
My heart’s forever breaking.


11 Responses to Your Face

  1. Beautiful. Full of imagination and haunting.

  2. Why question the source while it’s giving? Go with the flow.

  3. A beautiful ode to love. You have really captured that feeling of a loved one pervading everything. Well written.

  4. Jules Lucton says:

    Just beautiful!

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