I’m very conscious that I’ve not posted anything for a while. It frustrates the hell out of me because I LIKE writing and getting my words out there. And so, I sat and thought for a while this evening and this came to me. I’m not entirely happy with it, especially the last stanza(?) but it’s something new. I hope don’t hate it.

We dive entwined in colour blue
Yet hearts are fired red;
Such eyes who see us green they are
As in our black we wed.
The gold of something treasured kept
The silver of a kiss;
A ruby taste of lips apart
With shades of crimson bliss.
The lilac cast of evenings glow
Combined with orange heat;
Paints warming pink upon our skin
Throws yellow at our feet.
A purple night to dance within
‘neath monochrome of stars;
Each movement touched with mercury
White light seen from afar.
These colours all that stain my life
Are brightened by you, dear;
My world would be in monochrome
Without your presence near.


4 Responses to Colours

  1. Interesting how we perceive colour, and how its very existence shapes our lives. Worth the wait!

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