Five Crows : A Reading

Well I certainly seemed to have struck a nerve with Anthony Gomez. He has recorded another of my newest poems, “Five Crows”. I will repeat, although not fade it’s integrity through repetition, that I am so very honoured that someone who has never met me, who only reads my words on his screen, feels the urge to want to record the recitation of my work. I know I am a lucky man indeed to have so many wonderful readers. I hope you like this reading.

Five Crows – read by Anthony Gomez


One Response to Five Crows : A Reading

  1. I stumbled across your work and in fact it did strike a nerve with me.
    it’s my pleasure to read it aloud and share, it’s always interesting to see how another artist actually hears your work. it’s all subjective anyway, but when I read something and it hits that chord where I am actually reading it aloud in my mind…that is when I know a connection has been made. There’s something more unseen behind the words worth further investigation.

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