Five Crows

Goodness, isn’t this a strange one. No rhythm to it, not much rhyme, but all stemmed from seeing five crows fly above me as I walked home. I wonder what you, my faithful readers, will think?

Five crows to watch o’er hallowed ground
Where now I lay with nought but
Dust where blood did pump and run.

One crow, as pitch, for heart now still;
One crow as night for soul.
One crow, as jet, for breath now gone;
One crow as black for hope.
The final crow, for you my dear,
To fly high up above.

Five crows to guard this final tomb
Where now I sleep eternally
The slumber of the dead.

One crow, as shade, for bitterness;
One crow as tar for joy.
One crow, as oil, for anger hot;
One crow as dark for time.
The final crow, for you my dear,
To fly to you my love.


13 Responses to Five Crows

  1. Chock full of readability!

  2. You don’t have to post this if it’s a bit too much?

    hope you like it, I enjoyed reading and recording.

  3. there were 3 takes, two did not play well. I hope one of these does:)

  4. Love the imagery here. Excellent!

  5. Jules Lucton says:

    I always love your darker themes 🙂 X

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