The Promise Broke

Faithful readers…
I was lying half asleep this morning, thinking I had not written anything original for a while and I did not feel the touch of my muse at all. And then, arriving at my desk at work in an empty office, these words flowed through me and… well, here we are. A new piece. I hope you like it.

With half a kiss the promise broke
And that so built was shaken,
In eyes of grey a love was seen
But lo, I was mistaken,
Where once a gift of sweetness lay
Too soon was cruelly taken.

The want of warmth in winters cold
A cooling breath in summer,
The joy of laughter in the spring
And lust in autumns thunder,
This and more I hoped to find
In this sweet face of wonder.

But in one moment world was turned
And that so precious broken,
To wish away this history’s curse
Take back those words so spoken,
To win again this lovers heart
With some small treasured token.

Bereft to stay in sleepless night
While all alone I ponder,
Why did the tenderness so fade
Where did the passion wander,
How could I take these gifts of light
How could I quickly squander.

Forgive me please my precious love
I know not what I’m doing,
I did not see the patterns change
Did not spot trouble brewing,
Know that in this world of hurt
You’re all that’s worth pursuing.


18 Responses to The Promise Broke

  1. When your muse returns she does so with style and a vengeance. This is quite awesome. And all in a moment. The best kind.

    • Simon says:

      Thank you. I worry that throwing something together this quickly detracts from the quality, but I’ve learnt that if I over think things, I never publish. So to paraphrase Arthur Wellesley, I’ll publish and be damned….

  2. Well, I wrote ‘And Sigh’ under the covers early this morning by light of kindle fire and hit publish so I’m with Arthur too! Half hour later or so, bang goes another one. If it fits, it fits. I’ve slaved over much worse than immediate inspiration. There’s just no knowing.

    • Simon says:

      You’re exactly right. Some days I think I like the fact that these things come to me so quickly and ready formed – it’s no effort at all. But other days I worry I’m churning out garbage. But still, this is how we learn, I guess, how to distinguish between the shite and the gold.

  3. Lol! Poesy in many forms. I’m sure there’s one in that there statement. 🙂

  4. What a lovely poem…when inspiration is on fire I think it is best to just write…you can edit things later if you wish but usually those first release of heart, soul with your muse aid of words…you have a masterpiece…genuine i tis…felt and wishing you find her

    • Simon says:

      Thank you very much 🙂
      I agree, a lot of the time it IS just best to let it flow – but the problem I have is I never think to go back and look to see if things could do with editing. Maybe I should do that a little more often?

      Thanks for the kind words and for sticking with this blog.

  5. 1jaded1 says:

    This one is a bit sad. Interested if you do Haiku…also Tanka. Love your words, Simon.

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