Reblog : My Dad, The Granddad

It’s an anniversary for me today. Five years ago today my father passed away suddenly. I won’t tell fibs and say “Not a day goes by when I don’t think of him…”, or anything like that. My father couldn’t abide lying. I do think of him, often, usually when I am in some kind of emotional trouble, or have an important decision to make. It’s at times like those I miss him, and wish I could call on him. But anyway. This evening, I will have a drink on him, his favourite tipple, and a single cigarette, just as he smoked. In recognition of today, I wanted to reblog the poem my son wrote, when he was 14, in honour of him. I read it before posting this, and YET AGAIN it brought a tear to my eye. Feelings – they have a knack of sneaking up on one and surprising with their potency, no? I hope you like this. And here’s to my dad – five years gone, but not forgotten.

The times we had
Why….just why….would a life like yours be taken
When I first heard the news of your parting I was sure they were mistaken
But they weren’t
And so the memories began,
Of the time we had
My heart aches at the thought of you gone
An unbearable pain and grief
You may of been a tad grumpy, but you were a lovely man underneath!
You were a man of few word(haha) but a great father to my dad
Yet I still come to pain
When I think of the times we had
But why so sad Jake? Have you forgotten all?!
Those winter, summer, autumn walks where the oak trees all stand tall
And the stories, oh…the stories, the stories of things that have been
You were a man who create the most wonderful childhood dreams
So now your gone, at peace
But I shall not cry, not even a tad
You’ll always be in my memory
When I think of the times we had


2 Responses to Reblog : My Dad, The Granddad

  1. Your son has taken after his dad it seems. So very poignant in memories of a man much loved. Aniversaries of this kind are difficult to cope with. I’m sorry for your pain relived but know there is pleasure in the memories too.

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