Reblog : Moon

My muse seems to have taken her leave, and as such, although I have such a desire to write, my well is dry. So, I thought I’d look back at some posts from this time last year. Here is one I particularly like, and it’s also inspired by this post here. (There is one slight tweak to the original, I’ve used the word ‘doth’ twice in this one). I hope those who have not seen this before enjoy it.

We kissed ‘neath moon
that waxes so,
and wondered who
would see our glow;
when passions hold
doth grip with lust,
and skin is brushed
with starlights dust.

This night of shine
that pleases so,
with thoughts of love
in passions throe;
the very light
of lunar grin,
that tones the world
as tarnished tin.

Hold me close
and kiss me dear,
with you the night
doth hold no fear;
and in our night
with moon above,
we’ll show the stars
what it is,
to love.


21 Responses to Reblog : Moon

  1. serins says:

    Your poem is very beautiful…. ā¤

    When the insperation leaves us it is really hmm.. what can you say…. but don't worry she will return to you with such passion that you will be writing beautiful words …. šŸ™‚

  2. Scott says:

    You continually amaze me.

  3. prospermind says:

    “the very night of lunar grin” HELL YES!! I’m sorry, but I find your poetic mind amazing!! šŸ˜‰

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