I can’t say for sure where this came from, but it may help to know I was thinking of Hunter S. Thompson and his book “Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas” when this came to me…

A carnival of frolicking freaks
A party of perversion,
The night that rings with ecstasy
And speaks to all subversion.
The devilled masks that hide the grins
The cloaks that hide the grasping,
All shown in light from candles red
That flutter with their gasping.
A scent of musk and sweet perfume
A taste of sweat on skin,
To touch and feel with covered eyes
And drink the milk of sin.
The music of a countless moan
The sounds of pleasures pleading,
Such symphony to speak of lust
And fantasies of pleasing.
A night that’s rich with hot desire
A time for taking pleasure,
To hell with all may come at dawn
Let greed and want take measure.
Oh take me to this wicked den
Where bodies are the masters,
And leave me be in decadence
To stay there ever after.


5 Responses to Party

  1. I find this quite scary. You’ve certainly trapped the measure of decadence with your words although I’ve never read the book.

    • Simon says:

      I didn’t intend for it to be scary. But the images of decadence that come through in the book at quite vivid. I recommend you check the book out.

  2. I read it again there to check what I meant myself. I think it’s the sense of complete abandon that makes it seem like a madness, as if all hell has broken loose and the normal rules don’t apply. Like an asylum almost. I find that scary. I think you did a grand job of portraying it but I don’t know that I’d read the book.

  3. Scott says:

    I love the rhythm of this one. And the rhyming. And the words. I just love this one.

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