Dreams Of You

Full disclosure – I’ve never read the original Lewis Carroll books, Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland, and Alice Through The Looking Glass. I recently bought them to rectify that situation. First of all, I was unaware of Lewis Carroll’s history and life – some of it quite eye-opening. Secondly, there is a style of poetry in there I really like – and yes, you can see that influence in this one. (The opening lines are inspired from a black & white photo I saw of the Paris floods in 1910). Still, I do hope you all like it.

A river black with books about
Words scattered far and near,
Flung about as autumn leaves
By wind so harsh and sheer,
What pain to see such pages lost
As dreams of you my dear.

A snowy plain so bright and cold
Made white from clouds above,
Deep in drifts of frozen rain
As pure as feathered doves,
Will still be sure to melt and fade
As dreams of you my love.

A forest old and full of trees
So ancient standing tall,
The canopy a sky of green
As natures treasured hall,
Before too long must fall and die
As dreams of you my all.

A universe of stars aglow
As heavens painted art,
Such timelessness in purple space
With planets far apart,
Will still one day be formed in dust
As dreams of you my heart.

A fire once did burn and rage
With passion hot and clear,
And in it’s warmth my soul did glow
With nought that felt as fear,
But ashes now are all about
As dreams of you my dear.


7 Responses to Dreams Of You

  1. fibee5 says:

    Oh wow really loved reading this but may I ask one thing? The line ‘Before too long fall and die’ in the third stanza, I accidentally added the word must, so I wondered if you would consider just a tiny tweak to ‘Before too long must fall and die’. ? But its just a suggestion and a very minor point. Love your poems šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

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