The Word Of Love

So small a word, so letters few,
Such impact has this term,
A whispered breath can deliver so,
A word the earth to turn.
A symphony in single phrase
An orchestra of sound,
Yet many people small of heart
Just throw this word around.
Some to appease, some to convince,
Some others to astound,
But just a few, with purity,
Know the power of this sound.
It has the strength to reinforce
The will to lift you high,
It gives the weak a weapon hard
A castle in the sky.
But I alone know this in truth,
And swear to Gods above,
I sing and shout this word for you,
The glory, the word of love.


18 Responses to The Word Of Love

  1. hastywords says:

    Reblogged this on hastywords and commented:
    Sometimes a tweet does get heard and this is the result. Thank you for this!!

  2. Lovely words that truly “mean” and “breathe” love. Confirms my thoughts as well in ” More than Words (renga)”. As always your poems make the reader think.

    • Simon says:

      Thank you, your comments keep me writing 🙂

      • I have not had the time I need to catch up on most blogs, when I have to choose between “writing” in my spare time….life happens. I find it frustrating that so many books (such as yours) cannot be purchased in Canada.

      • Simon says:

        Send me an email with your address – I’ll get a copy to you 🙂

  3. I love this. Is it ok to use that word? But it’s the truth of what these words say. A mighty word! Lifts from the page in melody. A fine understanding.

    • Simon says:

      As always, I appreciate you’re feedback so much. Thank you. Good luck with the vote!

      • My arse is making buttons! I think I’m pulling an all-nighter on this one! Colleagues will have to face my bleary eyes and cope with it. At least the kids are off.
        Your poem speaks to me at this time. It is love that drives my passion in this campaign. Too feckin’ late now right enough to do any more! On to the count. 🙂

  4. poetslave says:

    “And give the weak and weapon hard”, I love that. Testimony that you do read; and the sermon on the Mounting in particular you naughty girl. I love you.

  5. fibee5 says:

    I love your work. Love when meant is a very strong word 🙂

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