I can no longer bear the thought,
Of you not being there.
With weakened will and strength removed,
The constant image of your face
Has proved too much to bear.

Like breath removed from beating chest,
Enfeebled am I now.
And though I fight to carry on,
The rising sun that greets the day
Such pain does it endow.

My universe has lost a star,
The heavens now bereft.
For where an angel shone for me,
My skies are empty now and gone
With nought but darkness left.

In vain the Gods I so beseech,
Return to me my heart.
But in their wisdom often cruel,
My cries are not responded to
And I am left apart.

And here I stand at life’s end road,
I’ve nothing more to keep.
With calmness now the dark I’ll face,
For without you there is no light
So I’ll lay down to sleep.


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