Faithful readers…
Here we are again, another quickly written and published piece. I don’t know where the inspiration came from, and I’m not sure how much it actually works, but I hope you like it.

Turn about and turn again,
The stair a-winding ever deeper
Where nought will see the night anon,
So cast about in pain.

To depths unknowing ever on,
And lights remembrance now forgotten
The feeling of the sunlights warmth,
Eternally forgone.

Drawn onward by such desperate cries,
From tortured souls of sinners wicked
Who led the way down darkened stair,
And saw redemptions lies.

Down crooked stair through blackened pitch,
Unable to arrest this journey
Into the bowels of this earthly realm,
The deepest darkest ditch.

As end approaches fires rise,
The heat from souls unending burning
Tossed and thrown by Satan’s spawning,
Where you must now abide.

Your final steps through twisted portal,
Well met by visions of your harbour
Where now forever thou time will be,
The ending of this mortal.


5 Responses to Descent

  1. Right, this comment has now become a matter of frustration and determination to me. I tried to comment at the time of reading and liking and my laptop froze on me. Five times I’ve had to manually restart it! So I’m determined to get this comment down before it goes again and I go off to kick ass.

    Despite being freaked usually by anything devilish, I liked this. You’ve succeeded in creating a very visual image and several of your chosen words leaped right out of the page. The very first line had me descending that spiral staircase and dreading what lay ahead. You do dark very well.

    Now, I’m off to pretend to be a computer technician and bring this laptop to heel.
    And pressing send on 3…2…1..

    • Simon says:

      Thanks for persevering!
      I’m not sure I know how to take “You do dark very well” – but I think I’ll take it as it’s a good thing, because I do enjoying doing dark 🙂
      Thanks, as always.

      • Wtf! I don’t even know how my comment got here because b****** features of a laptop froze in the process of sending! Six times I’ve restarted and just about to again even as I try to run a crap cleaner. I hate technology when it plays up. God bless this here wee kindle that’s behaving itself. Touch wood.
        Anyway, my comment on you doing dark very well is a compliment. I shy away from it generally in writing except the odd tongue-in-cheek Hallowe’en type of thing and our collaborative piece. Being able to tackle dark and make a sound job of it goes where I don’t like going but I admire those who can.

      • Simon says:

        Now that sounds like you may want to try a darker piece… Maybe as a collaborative effort… Hmm? 😉

  2. Now, I wasn’t hinting and I don’t know how I’d do on it given the subject matter but I’m always prepared to try.
    Let me sort out my wayward laptop first as writing on the kindle is an exercise in frustration. You have a think and I’ll have a think while I curse and get into mode damning technology to hell!

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