I Know These Halls

Another one of those “where did that come from?”
I’m not sure I’m 100% happy with it, but I’d love to know what you think.

I know these walls
I know these halls.
I know these places filled with thoughts
And memories ever old.

In times of war
And conflict raw.
They rang with hallelujah’d songs
Like nought as gone before.

Inlaid with jewels
To suffer fools.
So tempting in the starlight gleam
But unfalteringly cruel.

We wandered long
And righted wrongs.
Remembered those of fallen grace
And courage ever strong.

Our tales so spun
Our ballads sung.
Through history’s pages carved in blood
As aged as setting sun.

I know these walls
I know these halls.
I’ve walked these places full of thoughts
And memories to be told.


2 Responses to I Know These Halls

  1. I like this, and I think that it works well. The opening two lines in each stanza build pace and then lines 3 and 4 expand the idea, forcing one to read more slowly and dwell upon the meaning. Well written.

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