My Window

Another new one, written and posted without censoring. Hope you like it.

There’s but one window, where I sit,
My only view into the world.
A slice of sky, a piece of cloud,
The hint of sunshine gold unfurled.

It soothes my breast, my beast within,
When gloried morning so appears.
And though the site, compressed as is,
Shows night has past, and calms my fears.

Time unknowing, has come and gone,
While here I ponder on my view.
And though I’m kept, so chained within,
My window lets my mind fly through.

Unknowing distance, sky of blue,
Imagined wind on tired brow.
With each new morn, my freedom sings,
Though here I sit with body cowed.

To chain a man, and keep him kept,
Such cruelty could you never see.
But with my window, my small view,
I have the chance to wander free.


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