No explanation for this one – written and published this evening. Hope you like it.

I watch my shadow stalking me,
Through winters blighted halls.
It follows close, a dream away,
A darkened form of night,
Not day,
Such evil to befall.

In breathless pause I hesitate,
Awaiting dark reveal.
I know the name, this coloured cowl,
I scream it oft’ in sleep,
So foul,
No chance of hell repealed.

Why stalkest me this wicked shade,
Why grant me dark regard?
What past mistakes, in buried heart,
Should cause such nightmare cruel
To start,
And leave a mind so scarred.

With cry beseeching desperately,
I bid this shade take leave.
Turn from my path, let all woe cease,
I beg of you to grant
Me peace,
And give me time to grieve.

With no remorse nor flash of guilt,
This spirit takes me whole.
And so succumbs my chasèd heart,
I gently fall into
The dark,
And forfeit precious soul.


10 Responses to Shadow

  1. Twindaddy says:

    Your poetry is so captivating.

  2. Yeah, I’ll go with Twindaddy, this is quite captivating. There is a haunted sense to it that appeals and repels at the same time. The style draws even while the message slightly scares. You have definitley captured a sense of duality in the haunting and relinqusihing of a soul even while beseeching relief and control. I like this but it does make me slightly uneasy in the idea that control is already lost to the unknown force, the ‘cowl’ becomes dark and menacing. One of your best, I would say, in drawing on the darker side.

    • Simon says:

      Thank you. What strikes me as amusing is that fact that poems I think are just ‘throwaway’ ones, tossed off (if you’ll pardon the expression) in a short amount of time, often resonate with a lot of people, where pieces that I have worked and fretted over, and really think are good, often don’t get any response! I guess it shows how different people are struck by different things.

      • I understand your amusement. I’ve found myself that my own preferences in the written word don’t necessarily correlate to what appeals to a reader. All the more fascinating and reasonable, I guess, that sometimes we go with instinct with what we write rather than analysis. If only there were a recipe for knowing!

      • Simon says:

        But that would take away the pleasure of discovering that something simple, in ones own mind, can bring such delight to someone else.

      • True. Language can be such a delight and a bit of a bugger but always something of a revelation. All the more reason to find it fascinating in its use.

      • Simon says:

        Hear hear 🙂

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