Birmingham Jail : A Recording

I’m updating this to include it in the Daily Prompt. It’s not about my love of an instrument per se, but it shows how I like to mix great words (poetry of sorts) with my favourite instrument. It’s a very old American folk song, covered by all sorts of people. This is my version. The recording quality isn’t all that, and as always my voice isn’t the best, but it’s a lovely, lovely song, if you can just focus on the lyrics. It’s called “Down In The Valley” or “Birmingham Jail”. Thank you.


7 Responses to Birmingham Jail : A Recording

  1. I remember listening to you singing this before and how much I enjoyed it. I recollect having to wrack my memory for its familiarity. And being so pleased I remembered ‘Stir Crazy’. I can see the shock on the inmates’ faces as the most unlikely of prisoners sang such a sweet song. It is a beautiful melody and very well performed by yourself.

    • Simon says:

      Thank you. It doesn’t really fit the ‘Daily Prompt’ (AND the link on the Daily Prompt is looking at the wrong post!) but what the hell, get my work out there etc. etc.

  2. What was the prompt?

    • Simon says:

      It’s linked to in the post…

      • I know. I found that just after I asked the question! It certainly fits the prompt. Maybe you can relink so that it’s heading to the right post, if that’s what you mean. I don’t know if that’s allowed though.

  3. A great song, and I like the emotion in your voice. I’m just trying to reconcile the image of ‘the valley’ with the image of Birmingham Jail (aka Winson Green Prison) in the UK!

    • Simon says:

      It IS a lovely song isn’t it – I’ve been obsessed with it since I heard it in (as Scottishmomus says) ‘Stir Crazy’.
      There is another song I’m thinking of covering, but it will take some work as it’s got harmonies in it. It’s called The Auld Triangle…
      Here’s a link :

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