I fantasise ’bout peace and love,
From Lennon’s song Imagine;
But life with all its kicks and stabs
Makes sure of one reaction;
A raging ‘gainst the day to day,
The pettiness of people;
How can a race hope to improve
And treat all kinds as equal?

We victimise the lower class,
And those of lesser station;
Those with all and everything
Control the living nation;
What chances do the normal have,
Those struggling with living;
What can we do to ease the pain
And promote a world of giving?

The politics of social change,
The crying of the needy;
Ignored by those with bonuses
The evil and the greedy;
With dark despair I face the day,
All hope of changes fading;
The effectiveness of charity
Withdrawing and degrading.

Come join with me my fellow man,
And make the change we’re needing;
Together with a strengthened will
We’ll listen to those pleading;
As Lennon said those years ago,
You may think me a dreamer;
But if these dreams will make a change
Then I’ll gladly be that dreamer.


6 Responses to Dreamer

  1. Now you’re talking! Speaker’s Corner! I’m thinking of setting one up here too. it’s voices that will make the difference and the will to create change. But don’t give up on hope. It’s not a futile dream. If it is, I’ve dreamt my whole life long. And I can live with that. Hope is second only to love I think. But the two combined are powerful allies. Nothing wrong with dreaming founded in action. And wonderfully strong words. This also could be a song. So many of your poems come across like that. Get the guitar out! Do they let you sing at Speaker’s Corner?

    • Simon says:

      Gone are the days when I attempted to write songs. I’ve fallen into the world of poetry as my means of getting words out there. However, I’m also about to embark on a journey of discovery with art – with Ralph Steadman being a major influence. So we’ll see how that goes… thanks, as always, for the comments…

  2. Powerful stuff, honest, open and surely to be wished for. After all these years one suspects that the wall of cynicism is too high to be scaled; still change must start with dreams and then the courage to hold on to them. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    • Simon says:

      And thank YOU for the comment. This piece was quite a departure for me – I’m never political or anything like that… but I wanted to try something different. Thanks for the feedback.

  3. Jules Lucton says:

    Sharing, thanks X

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