Reblog : Silk Screen

I have a few ideas skipping and tripping around my mind, but no time to get anything concrete down. So, in the meantime, here’s a reblog for you all. I hope you like it. First published back in January…

Her silk screens of pretense
That hide her from view
Easily breached but
Masking a truth.
Self medicates heart
With grape and the grain
She laughs at the boys
That try to cause pain.
A kiss of the rose
With thorns sharp to stab
A dream of a lover
She thought that she had.
A world full of anger
But tempered by lust
What price to be paid
By cold lack of trust.
When all is forgiven
She’ll welcome again
The chance of a future
No need to pretend.
Until then she’ll wait
With words soft but mean
The taste of the wine
Behind her silk screen.

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