Reblog : España

Another reblog. I can’t remember why I wrote this, what inspired it etc. and even though it’s not my best work (“what is?” I hear you cry…) I kind of like this. Hope you do too. And I am working on another new original piece.

It dances,
this sunshine smothered language
of sweet, hot evenings,
tasting of cheap wine and
Any word,
a curse, a question,
a passionate exclamation,
sings with the dust of
El Toro.
The tumbling verbs,
the bubbling nouns,
the most mundane subject
excites like a fiery tango.
Stuck in this vanilla, cardigan
textured room,
the sound of this exquisite language
takes me to Spanish climes.


One Response to Reblog : España

  1. I’ve never been! But this sums up the imagined atmosphere. I could do with some cheap plonk and ciggies and a dose of the sun about now.
    Now Y viva espana came to mind here so I had to check it out on You Tube. I was going to link it but I won’t do that to you. It would be cruel after your lovely poem. It was quite cruel to myself actually. 😉
    Thanks for the images and the linking thoughts that gave me a wee giggle at yesterday’s songs. 🙂

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