Reblog : The Quiet Night

Dearest readers,
Consider this something to just keep this blog ticking over. I’ve been so busy with one thing and another, and my ever-frustrating muse has decided I need a break from her again. Because of this, I have not written anything original for a while. I hope you like this reblog – it’s a fairly recent one, but as I read through my old posts this one caught my eye. Stay tuned – something new will be up soon.

Much love,


You hush me with admonished
sigh, a whisper in the quiet night.
My passion cries, but sound doth
travel at hour late as this.

Why does the world in silence rest
and fail to drown out lovers gasps?
Not wishing to disturb the dark,
you silence me with a kiss.

As chest expels a wanton groan,
religious pleading is kept at bay.
But deity’s name deserves a shout
when body feels such bliss.

Susurration fills my ears
as climax drowns all rational thought.
But cry I must into quiet night,
when feeling love as pure as this.


2 Responses to Reblog : The Quiet Night

  1. john says:

    Simon, check out my post,

    For me, the article I point to in this post put my own slowing of poetry writing in perspective and gave me a new direction to try and seek…

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