Basement Bars

In basement bars where old
Men sit
And contemplate the past;
The smoke from vanished
And long lost fat cigars.

To wait awhile with fluid
And drink to those removed;
The passing time ticks slow
To fast
Warm spirits start to soothe.

Voices meld and form
The sound
Of oceans black and deep;
While in my bubble
I wait for booze bought sleep.

These darkened dens of
That call from far away;
Will always be the place
I come
To waste away the day.

So join with me at bar
Of wood
Where drinks are bought and sold;
And here we’ll sit and with
Our words
We’ll fix this darkened world.


4 Responses to Basement Bars

  1. I rather like bars such as these. They’re generally full of character and characters. My favourite local sounds a bit like it. Once upon a time we could go in and play chess or draughts! That’s kind of changed now. But lots of life and politics get discussed. Nothing gets solved right enough. 😉 But, at least, they’re more real than some of the modern alternatives. You captured their essence very well.

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