Awake to sky of
Covered grey,
While there you dream,
Mind far away.
What monsters chase
Through inner worlds,
Are you woman grown,
Or frightened girl?

In pictures pure
Behind your eyes,
Is seen a place
Of rare disguise.
And though imagined
This land you see,
It feels as close
As reality.

In mumbled speech
You call my name,
And all at once
Your beasts are tamed.
To be your hero
While you sleep,
Would raise this man,
His life complete.


12 Responses to Hero

  1. Twindaddy says:

    Brilliant, as always.

  2. And if you could chase away the grey skies and the monsters you’d be a superhero. Love this, Simon. Hope your lady knows she has a willing hero by her side. Wonderful sentiment so well expressed.x

  3. fibee5 says:

    I love reading your work

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