Reblog : Oh Racing Heart

Reblogging this post for the Daily Prompt : “Publish a post in the style of a favorite author/blogger or photographer.”.
I wouldn’t say it’s exactly how Shakespeare would write, but I’ve given it a go. Hope you like it.

Oh racing heart,
what is this tempestuous feeling
so engendered by my loves
gentle touch?
Surely, this trivial fact
of skin on skin should not
vex thee so?
For in this slightest moment,
if thou art caused to
gallop as a stallion,
unfettered and unbridled,
across a storm clad beach,
what hope is left for thy
integrity when at last,
in evenings closing,
I taste the turning world
that is my loves
fair lips?

Oh racing heart,
you fire me, as the bellows
of Gods own forge would charge
the heavenly flame.
At just the sound of my love,
enthralled to pleasures hold
and whispering my name,
thy joy is unbound and
in that joy, you fill me
with such passion,
such roaring desire,
that this mortal frame in
it’s weakness would surely fail,
and in failing
release thy love,
to soar and ignite the stars,
and put the very sun
to shame.


17 Responses to Reblog : Oh Racing Heart

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  5. I remember this one. Beautifully done.

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  12. fibee5 says:

    oh wow i love this so very much!!

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