Hurry Back

This house now cold,
Bereft and dark,
As iron lines
Remove my heart.
No more a laugh,
Nor smile of joy,
These miles to cover,
A day destroyed.

Hurry back,
My life and soul,
Leave me not long
In land of cold.
For where I stay,
In misery,
Becomes my heaven
When you’re with me.


6 Responses to Hurry Back

  1. Nicely done on this cold night at minus 40Celsius here…brrrr

  2. fortyoneteen says:

    Oi Simon! Happy New Year to you my English Chap!
    Beautiful poem! I love it when you smoosh sad and sweet together! Kim.

  3. rsvendsen07 says:

    This is so sweet. ❤️

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