Dark Walk Home

Silhouette in headlights
show horns that aren’t there.
The ghost of a scream
from an engine in pain,
the distance to home
down dark winding lane,
the night when I feel most afraid.

Boots on the pavement
beat rhythms in time.
The wind whistles cold
chilling straight to the bone,
invisible voices
making me feel alone,
the moon shows a path with its shine.

The shadowing presence
that’s tracking my way.
Not daring to look
for fear of revealing,
sure that a demon
with offer appealing
will drag me to worlds far away.

Is it breath on my neck
or the whistling breeze?
The chill on my skin
that raises my hairs,
the growl of a voice
that may not be there,
the sounds that cause my blood to freeze.

Arriving at home and the
doorway well lit.
Comfort now reached
from the following night,
into the warmth
and welcoming light,
darkness now left far behind….. or is it?


15 Responses to Dark Walk Home

  1. You weren’t kidding when you said you wanted a change from love poems. Totally spine-chilling. Glad I’m not walking anywhere alone tonight. This would come back to haunt me. This is great in a really scary way. 😉

  2. Jules Lucton says:

    Brilliant, and the first time I’ve got goose bumps from a poem.

    • Simon says:

      Really?? Thank you Jules, that’s such a compliment, as I’ve said before, to induce a physical reaction 🙂

  3. Very compelling; I enjoyed it!

  4. fibee5 says:

    you manage to write something very much ‘not’ a love poem. chilling.

  5. Freaky!!but you got the message across alright.

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