Reblog : Falling

Dear readers, I am so sorry, but I have to reblog yet another. I am getting very frustrated with myself… has my muse fled for good? Am I now to be condemned to a world without words and poetry? I just cannot seem to take the images I see coalescing in my mind, and put them into words, as I have done before. Most annoying. Anyway. Enjoy this reblog. It’s a bit of a tragic one, but still, I hope you can get some pleasure from it. Thank you for your patience.

Gracefully falling,
wind whistles past
the ears of a man
who’s love left too fast.

With one last big step
he’s ending it all,
from the top of the bridge
with one final fall.

Living without her
his heart cannot stand,
cursing the nature
that shattered his plans.

True love and joy,
the future did hold
with a woman so precious
with which to grow old.

But life can be cruel
and the world most unkind,
stealing away what was once
so divine.

So with no friends around him,
and no family at all
he’s curing his pain
with one final fall.


5 Responses to Reblog : Falling

  1. This is tragic. Also so very well done it makes me want to cry.

  2. john says:

    Simon, trying writing a completely different type of poem on a totally different sort of topic, and no matter what, post it. It may help loosen your muse.

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